Like a Diamond in the Sky Tween Girl Room

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 Like a Diamond in the Sky Tween Girl Room
I did my daughters room!
It's officially the only complete room in our remodeled house!
Oh, except for some kind of window covering...anyway,
It is so fun!  It is so girly!
There is so much going on!!!

When I was little I had one particular reoccurring dream...
in it, there was a big waterfall and river filled with diamonds and gems.
I grabbed as many as I excited to keep them.
Alas, it was just a disappointing.
I decided to incorporate that dream into this space.
 I let my 12 year old daughter have a little say in it.
Haha, she asked for a confetti wall.
There was no way I was doing just confetti.
 First, dad built a bed.
Tall enough for great under bed storage.
It was such a blessing.  We found this slatted wood frame in the dumpster.
We *may* have gone dumpster diving on a late date night...shhh!
Then all we needed were 2 by 6's and a power nailer.  :)
 Simple and sweet.
We painted the walls white and there it sat for 3 weeks.
Did you know you are supposed to wait 3 weeks after painting before putting any
 decals or vinyl on your walls?  Yep.  It's painstakingly long.
 Then we did a fantastic confetti wall with vinyl diamonds and crystals!
Check out the full tutorial on this fabulous confetti wall here.
 And there it sat for a week.
We are so busy building, working, yard working, exhausting.
It's a good day if I can just decorate rooms...or craft!
 Dad built amazing toy shelves that fill the opposite wall!
Perfect for everything!
I am an "Open Shelf" girl.
I believe "out of sight, out of mind".
Toys in boxes don't get played with at my house, and I want them to be part of the space.
What do you think?  Would that drive you crazy???
 Next, we built a Diamond Himmeli pendant light!
I got everything I needed for this from Ikea for cheap!
Check out the full tutorial here!
 With a color changing light for extra awesome!
 Not sponsored or affiliated, but here are the details on the fun:
 Then the frames were painted from Cut it Out frames
Painted with Plaid Apple Barrel Paint in Pink and Teal
Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint
I used black and white striped scrapbook paper that I snitched from Snap conference
 (they used them for placemats at the dinner)
This adorable horse head that I painted from here
A gold glitter key that Hailee got from her aunts work years ago
And a tassel banner I got from Oriental Trading at the Snap conference
A fun cork Hashtag from DCWV
Paper yo-yo's I made with DCWV paper for my birthday backdrop here 
The crocheted Heart Pillow made by another aunt several years ago
Painted pillows from Paint-a-Pillow from here
We had family from out of town come and see her room and they loved it!
It was fun to hear one of the aunts say
"This is the greatest room, I would have loved it when I was's a dream room!!!"
Lots of attention!
 It's so bright, busy and fun!
It's easy to change things around too, when she wants to update it in a couple years.
Or when I want to update it! 
 So much fun!
And...She loves it so much!
She is the only girl, so of course, I live vicariously through her way too much.
She is my dress and make-up doll and best friend.
She is a diamond in the sky.
What do you think?
What do you like the most?

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