Diamond Himmeli Pendant Light!

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Diamond Himmeli Pendant Light!
I made this adorable diamond pendant light for my daughters room!
It's simple and uses 2 things from Ikea.

I love a good Ikea hack!

You will also need craft wire, scissors and a ruler.
And one small zip tie.
So cheap!  Ikea lights are $5 and the straws are $2.
 You will need 15 straws:
6 remain the full 8 inches
Cut 18 Three inch pieces
and 6 two inch pieces
 Start with a length of wire.
String on the 6 two inch pieces.
Twist the wire.
 Then add triangles of 3 inch pieces on every 2 inch piece.
 Until you make a star of David shape.
 Then add the remaining 6 three inch pieces to connect the tips of the triangles.
 Like this.
If you run out of wire, cut another length and twist it on.
I think I used about 8 yards of wire, but only about 2 yards at a time.
 Then connect the 8 inch pieces two at a time across the center.
Just like this.
And repeat, twist the wires in the center to the other wires while you are
wiring it on for more stability.
 Then it is complete.  Looks adorable and diamond like!
 Now to place in the light.
 It was not scientific.  I just ran more wire in every top straw and
 across the center with each section twice.
And wrap them tight around the wire of the pendant light.
Then I just tightened a zip tie above the wires to keep everything tight and in place.
 The light I am using is an LED color changing remote controlled light.
It does not get hot during use, so it is fine to be this close to the plastic straws.
Do not use a light that gets hot.
 Then hang it up in the desired spot with the hardware included in the
light kit from Ikea.
 Check it out!
Looks amazing and matches the rest of the diamond themed room!
Come back tomorrow for the full room reveal!!!
 Color changing is a fun feature!
Plus, she can get tucked in bed and then use the remote to turn off her light.
Easy for late night reading.
Such a simple and cute way to freshen up a space!

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