Star Wars The Force Awakens Birthday Party!

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 Star Wars The Force Awakens Birthday Party!
 My daughter turned 12 and wanted to have a Star Wars party!
I was so excited, every geek mom's dream is to have their child embrace the fandom.
 We went to 2 different Dollar Tree stores...and found WAY different stuff at each of them!
One of them had all these cool Star Wars tote bags...the other store had none.
So check around!!!
 We made cotton candy--Kyber Crystal Fluff.
We had rock candy--Kyber Crystals.
Krayt Dragon Pearls...for the true fans.
 Our adorable cupcakes from Jakku with little BB8's looked great!
Full tutorial for making them here!
 I couldn't resist making some Coruscants...
and it had to be Happabore water!
  Yep, that's a Happabore.
 We had Electromagnetic Quadro-Staffs...
Crispy Mynock Wings and just at the last minute we got some Sarlacc Pit dip!
 We bought a bunch of Star Wars swag at the dollar store to use as prizes for
 a Star Wars trivia quiz game.
It was fun, although my kids were the reining experts on all the questions.
(questions pasted at the bottom of the post!)
Each child at the party got a fun bag of swag...things that they picked out, so
they were sure to be happy with!
It was a fun way to do favor bags!

The R2D2 and BB8 Centerpieces were a big hit!
They are so cute, full tutorial here.
 We got the fun Death Star Hallway Backdrop from Photopie!
Which made the tablescape absolutely perfect!
Full review here.
 We got creative and vacuum sealed some chocolate nonpareils.
Broken up to look like quarter or half portions.
 Just vacuum sealed and cut in hexagon shapes.
The droid centerpieces were fantastic--and seriously my favorite!!!
The party was so much fun!
We partied for 2 hours and then sat down and watched The Force Awakens.
See how many questions you know the answers to--Or copy them and test your family!!!

Jedi Master Quiz!
(okay, Jedi Padawan quiz--perfect for parties!)

What is the ship that made the kessel run in 12 parsecs?

What powers a jedi Lightsaber?

How does Taun Li make her army?

Who is the best pilot in the resistance?

Who is the most adorable droid?

What planet is Chewbacca from?

Who’s home planet is Corellia?

Which creature lives on the moons of endor

Who is famous for saying “It’s a trap!”

What 2 gangs find Han Solo on the Eravana (episode 7)?

How many rathtars is Han Solo hauling on the Eravana?

What type of droid is C3-P0?

What are the Giant walkers called on the battle of hoth?

Who is the leader of kanji club?

Who is the leader of the guavian death gang?

Who is in charge of cloud city?

What is the spectator sport of the old republic?

Who is Kylo ren son of?

Who is han solo’s best friend?

Who adopts princess leia?

What is princess leia’s last name?

Who raised luke?

What creature was in the trash compactor in A New Hope?

Who is jabba the hutt’s servant?

Who is the most famous bounty hunter?

Name a jedi on the jedi council?

Who runs the scavanger junk yard on jakku?

What’s the planet with two suns?

Who is the leader of the trade federation?

What kind of food does Rey eat in portions?

What planet was Luke found on at the end of Episode 7?

What was Finn’s serial number?

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