Star Wars BB8 Cupcake Toppers!

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 Star Wars BB8 Cupcake Toppers!
 We made the cutest cupcakes in the galaxy with little BB8 toppers!
 I'm not into really fancy food or things that take way too long to make...
so this is something that was simple enough to justify.
 You will need marshmallow fondant.
It's easy to make, click here for the recipe.
Roll it in some powdered sugar until it is smooth but not too sticky.
 Then we rolled out balls.
Some small for the heads, some big for the body.
And I let those dry out for a day.
 Then we used food coloring and just painted the design right on it with paintbrushes!
Easy peasy!
 My daughter (12) did half of them.
 I outlined mine in black, I love the cartoon look.
 Then let the food coloring dry overnight.
Carefully put a toothpick through the base ball and then only part way through the head.
Stick the toothpick into a cupcake!
We made confetti cupcakes, added chocolate frosting and then dunked it in
 crushed graham crackers to look like the sand of Jakku.
 Looks awesome and adorable!!!
 They are totally edible and don't taste too bad...just like sweet marshmallows!
All the kids at the party love them...not one was left uneaten.
I love BB8, I am totally obsessed.
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