Star Wars BB8 Tote Bag!

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 Star Wars BB8 Tote Bag!
I used this adorable astromech droid drawing that my daughter created.

You can buy it here or on my right sidebar for just $5

It includes the silhouette studio file for cutting out with ease!
I cut this guy out of heat transfer flocked vinyl.
Then weed out the excess vinyl
Looks adorable!
Place plastic side up on a canvas tote.
I got these from Oriental Trading.
Place a tea towel over the vinyl and iron on medium high for a few minutes.
It may need to be ironed directly on the plastic for a minute or so as well.
Pull the plastic up carefully, re-iron if necessary.
Now to paint!
I use silhouette fabric ink.
It dries soft and pliable rather than stiff.
Just mixed up some bright orange and gray and
 painted the color in with a small paintbrush.
Next, I got some adorable polka dot gray fabric and an old orange karate belt.
Cut the fabric slightly larger than the bag.
Sew both sides of the bag.
Sew a line across the bottom to make a square shaped base.
Repeat for both sides.
Hem the top edge of the bag.
Slip the liner in the bag so that when you cuff the fabric over the
 tote top that you see your cute fabric!
Hem the cuff.
Then cut the belt or whatever you want to use for straps.
Sew them on with an X

 The perfect book bag, party favor, geek gift, purse of gift bag!
It's so cute I want to scream!!!
I am so obsessed with BB8.
Come back every day this week for a new BB8 project every day!!!

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