Star Wars BB8 Shrinky Dink Bow!

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Star Wars BB8 Shrinky Dink Bow!
This is so geek chic!
Who doesn't love sci-fi and shabby chic bows together?
I am sure you know many people who are going to need this bow.
My daughter designed this lovely cartoony rendering of a very lovable astromech droid.
Purchase the file for $5 here for your use too!

(if the link doesn't show up, it's on my sidebar too!)

I printed out the cute design on some ink jet shrink plastic

Then I cut out the images and baked them in the oven.
Set oven to 350* and let heat up.
Place them in oven, they will curl up and then shrink and flatten out.
It takes about 1-5 keep watching them!
Next, I used 38" of silver chevron 1.5 inch ribbon
36" of orange 5/8 inch ribbon
1 gray marabou puff and 1 gray shabby chic flower
Wrap the ribbon so it looks like this.
Then gather up the center of ribbon.
Squeeze tight and wrap the center with heavy duty thread about 20 times.
Then tie it off
Repeat for the orange ribbon.
If you need more detailed instructions on shabby chic bow making
check out this post here!
Now you just need to assemble your sandwich!
Hot glue the stack together, except the little BB8.
and tie them all off in the center with more thread.
Absolutely adorable!
Wear it will all the geek pride possible!
Click on this tutorial to see how I finish the backs of my bows off!
It makes it so versatile to wear with a clip or headband!
Totally geek chic!

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