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Miniature Teacup and Teapot Jewelry!

 Miniature Teacup and Teapot Jewelry!
Make an adorable Tea Set into a ring and a pendant!
 This is a darling handmade gift idea for a little lady that loves tea parties...or a
girl that has sadly outgrown her tea party days.
This would be a great way to recycle some of her old toys too--
and it's a lovely handmade gift!
I've got a bunch of friends that collect tea sets too, and they would love these!
 You will need:
Miniature Tea Set


E6000 Glue

Ring form or pendant bails


and about 5 minutes of your time!
 I decided to use the teapot and one teacup and saucer.
 Start by gluing the teacup to the saucer with a tiny dot of E6000.
 Press and hold for a minute.
 Then glue the saucer to the ring plate.
 Turn upside down and let dry completely...about 8 hours...or overnight.
 Glue the lid to the teapot on tight too.
Let dry.
The teapot doesn't need a bail because the chain can go
through the handle at a perfect angle.
 Then add a chain to the handle of the teapot and they are a darling matching set!
 They are whimsical and fun!
 I'm a little teapot!
I love the finished look--it's subtle and doesn't scream Mad Hatter!
Total perfection!
 What do you think?  Do you know someone that is in love with teacups?

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1 comment:

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

Love it! I totally collect tea cups/sets, even though I don't drink out of them :) Well, I do. For like, milk and hot chocolate. Just not for tea :)

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