DIY Furniture Bookcase Makeover!

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 DIY Furniture Bookcase Makeover!
You've seen these cubby shelves everywhere, right!?
They are adorable and great for storage.
They fit cute cloth or wicker baskets...but mine usually are just open shelf concept.
And they are kind of plain.

Chances already own one of these!
 Here's a quick makeover that will only take a few minutes and 2 supplies!
 I was provided an 8 cube Bookcase from Furinno in exchange for this creative makeover!
They have a huge selection and any of them would work!
It's easy to start with a new piece of furniture and give it that custom touch.
 Follow the directions and assemble the frame, minus the backing board.
 Now, all you need is canvas fabric (enough to fit your back panel)
and Spray adhesive.
 Take it outside for good ventilation...or in an open garage if it is windy.
Spray adhesive all over the board.
Then carefully place the top edge of the fabric in place, making sure it is straight.
(If you have an all-over print, like a floral, straightness wont matter as much!)
 Then start at that edge and smooth down the fabric from the center to the edges.
Keeping that fabric nice and tight.
You have to work quick before the glue sets up, but it should not be stressful.
 Then bring the board to your frame.  Place it on top carefully.
Trim the edges of the fabric.
 Use some kind of poking a pencil to poke holes through the fabric so the back
screws can be set in place.
 Then hammer them in.  If you don't have set places like this bookcase, just hammer in those setting nails carefully.
 Looks great from behind and ready for its big reveal...
I always get so nervous...did the fabric shift?  is there a giant wrinkle smack dab in the middle?
Click here to see the shocking reveal!!!

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