Easy DIY: Ombre Penny Art!

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  DIY Ombre Penny Art
We did this fun Penny Art craft back in 2012--but I am reposting it in case you
 haven't seen it yet!
It was so fun to do and the colors are so varied...it
makes a fun science experiment to do with kids!
You probably already have what you will need:
A frame
Burlap or canvas as backing
Vinegar and salt
Start with the frame.
(I spray painted my gold frame with a little
 copper and teal...just for fun!)
Wrap burlap on the backboard, remove the glass
and hot glue it in the frame.
See how many pennies fit in the space.  
96 for me.
(my 4th grader did the math)
Get a bunch of pennies!
They are naturally a wide range of colors...
Sort out the brightest, brownest, 
blackest, whitest and teal-est ones.
Now, the science.
Take some mid-range colored pennies 
and put them in a glass dish.
Add 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt.
Immediately they will brighten and become shiny.
Let them soak about 5-10 minutes.
Pull them out and set them on a plastic plate...
don't dry them off...
Over the next 2 hours they become slimy looking
and turn very bright turquoise--or verdigris as it is called.
Our pennies dried over night.
Arranged them on the burlap.
I let the kids decide which were brighter and didn't
 care too much if they weren't exactly so.
Then hot glue them onto the burlap!
Picture perfect!

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