New Doodlecraft for 2016--and Exciting News!!!

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Have you set some goals for 2016?  I like to start a week or 2 into the year,
That way they don't fail right away!

Many of my goals are about this blog.
I'm going to post less often, rather than a barrage of posts each week.
I was posting 5-7 days a week last year...and it wore me out!
So, I'm switching it up to 3-4 days a week.
About every other day I'll have new quality content,
unless I am doing a GEEK themed week...then it will be the full week
because that's how I roll.
I'll be honest...I keep up with this blog because I love it,
and it's my creative journal.
In other news,
we are closing on a house...our very first real house...this week--3 days!
I am so excited and nervous.
I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and
I get the keys in my hand without a hitch!
Follow me on Instagram and I'll post a pic as soon as it's official!

There is so much that needs to be done in's a project house.
We like projects to be sure, but I don't know how much of my sanity it will claim!

Any advice for a newbie homeowner?
What are your favorite features of your house?
What would you change if you could?
What time saving tips do you have for me?
Any thing that will save me a headache?

I'll post lots of updates and pictures and ask for lots of advice!
There's going to be a lot of changes for us this year and
I'm excited for all the help I can get!
And let me know if there is anything specifically that you want to see on my blog this year!

I already have lots of Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony, Doctor Who,
Sherlock, Harry Potter, Star Wars and other geekery planned...
but I am open to any ideas!

Thanks friends!!!

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Congrats on a new house!!! That will be exciting! Having lived through 3 entire house remodels, a few things: Sometimes, the correct tool makes all the difference in the world. Be patient with yourself; things will ALWAYS take longer than you expect. And look for the things that make a difference that will be worth the splurge. For instance, in my next house, I will spend the extra money to get a quiet dishwasher. Mine is so loud, I feel like I can't run it during the day or it drives me insane! Best of luck!
Cheryl said…
Congratulations on the house! I hope you'll share as you work your magic with it. I love all the geekery, but I always enjoy your home decor posts and product reviews, too.