Easy DIY: Beard and Mustache Oil

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Easy DIY: Beard and Mustache Oil
This is a simple but fun gift idea for anyone that has some facial hair.
What are your feelings about beards?
Like them, hate them, don't care?
My husband was military for the last 5 years...so now that we are out...he has grown a beard.
He calls it Freedom.
I love it!  It needs maintenance, but every girl with hair will tell you that hair needs maintenance.
So plan on that.
If you aren't doing upkeep, you can't have a beard or stache...sorry.
This recipe is simple, saves well and smells great!
I use it as perfume and chapstick...and hand cream and lotion.
 My sister in law drew up a darling manly lumberjack with the Man Oil title.
I laminated it for maximum long lastingness.
 Here's the recipe:
1/2 cup of coconut oil (melted)
3-4 drops of essential oils
 We added in Holiday Joy because I love the pine needles, cinnamon and fun spices!
But any oil of your choice will work just fine!
 Just pour into your desired container or tin.
 It looks clear and smells amazing!
 Let it cool down and set up.
 Smells great and makes your mustache proud!
 Prep your beard by brushing it out with a bristle brush, brush away loose hairs and flaky skin.
Then rub your finger on the oil, rub onto beard or mustache.
Work it down from the face to the ends of the hair...it doesn't use a lot.
Just keeps those hairs from frizzing out and from face skin flaking into it!
Makes a great gift too!
This could also be used as a light aftershave!

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