Natural Crystal Shard Necklaces!

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How to Make Natural Crystal Point Necklaces!

These natural crystal necklaces are beautiful and healing. This is a great jewelry making craft for beginners too. Learn how to make a natural crystal shard necklace for a handmade gift, awesome accessory or as a girls craft night!


 In order to purchase all the supplies for one necklace, you'll end up with some extra supplies. So buy enough to make some for gifts or to sell. I made enough money selling these necklaces that they more than paid for themselves. Let's get started!

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I love natural crystals! I'm not into chakras or healing, but I love everything about rocks, stones and crystals. I made a bunch of these crystal point necklaces to give as gifts and some to sell. 

My friends love their necklaces and they wear them all the time. 
(side note: I made these originally in 2017 and they are still being worn regularly in 2021)

Supplies Needed for Natural Crystal Point Necklaces:

3 Natural Crystal Point beads (links in paragraph below)
Jewelry Pliers (snipping, round tip and needle nose)

Here's some great natural Crystal Point Beads:

Step 1: Natural Crystal Points

Begin by cutting the line that the beads are strung on. Sift and sort the beads, some will not hang right on a necklace. Find 3 to 5 crystal points that you love.

Enjoy the freedom of mixing colors, shapes and sizes! Make a necklace with as many crystal points as you want...but I'd keep it an odd number.

Make mom the perfect necklace for Mother's day and add a crystal representing each child she has!

Step 2: Crystal Beads on Eyepin

After selecting a few crystals that go well together, slide them on an eyepin. The 2 inch eyepin gives plenty of room for additional crystals too.

Step 3: Cutting Chain

Now set aside the eyepin and crystals for a minute and cut the gold chain. I like a 28 inch chain, it fits over the head easily and hangs in an ideal location for me. The eyepin and beads are about an inch, so I use a 27 inch chain.

Test it out and see what your idea chain length is. Find a necklace you love and measure it...or measure the chain and hold it at 27 inches to get an idea of how it will fit.

Use the jewelry pliers to cut through the chain and discard the clipped off link pieces.

Step 4: Chain Through Loop

Now use the needle nose pliers and the round tip pliers to carefully twist the side of the eyepin loop open. Insert the chain in the opening and twist the loop closed.

Step 5: Cutting and Looping Eyepin

Now use the jewelry pliers to clip the eyepin 1/2" away from the crystals. Hold the crystals in your hand and wrap the 1/2" of wire around the round tip pliers to make a loop. 

Before tightening the loop, thread the other end of the chain in the loop. Then tighten the loop up to the wire so the chain stays put. Just like pictured below. (I know I don't have process pictures...someday I'll make a video!)

Repeat a million times! These necklaces are super classy and on trend! They make great gifts, party favors, girls craft nights, Mother's Day gifts or even a great money making side hustle hobby! 

Plus, quartz and other natural points offer healing benefits to the wearer. 

Which of the crystal shard necklaces is your favorite? I love the gold one, I wear it the most. I love the rainbow one, it gets the most comments. I love the natural clear one, it feels the most cleansing. 

If you want to make your necklaces shorter, like choker length, get a lobster clasp to attach to the chains with the jewelry pliers.

These natural crystal point necklaces come together fast and are relatively simple once you get the knack of looping that eyepin. 

That's it!

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