Giant Paper Poinsettia!

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 Giant Paper Poinsettia!
 I love to decorate with paper!
It's inexpensive and can create such a statement!
This flower is huge. 
Over 2 1/2 feet wide--just look at it on the front door for comparison!
 I also absolutely love DCWV paper!
I recently went to Pinner's expo/convention and DCWV was there and I loaded up on paper!
It was irresistibly priced!
DCWV also taught a giant flower making class at Pinner's
 and helped everyone that came make a giant rose.  
I decided I wanted to make a poinsettia!
 I love these dark jewel tones!
I used 4 sheets of red, 1 of green and a strip of yellow.
I cut 6 large tear drop shapes, fitting 2 on 1 sheet of paper.
Cut 4 medium size tear drops and 4 mini ones on the scraps of red from the big petals. 
I cut 2 large pointy leaves...and a 4 inch strip of yellow.
 Then I used my razor knife and roughed up the edges.
I love the white gives it a fun distressed border.
 Then I slightly curled the edges with a dowel.
Next, I used a paper plate for the backing!
 I cut 1 inch or so slits in the yellow paper, down to about a half inch.
 Hot glued it and rolled it up and then curled the fringe.
 Then I hot glued the petals and leaves on the paper plate.
 Cut a slit in the smaller petals and overlap them slightly for a cupping shape.
Then hot glue it in place.
 Just to give it the 3D pop!
 Hot glue them right on.
I thought I would put the big petals, then the middle, then the smallest...but
 the smallest ones worked best between the big and middle sized.
 I added sparkly snow glitter with a glue stick just for a fun detail!
 I love it!
Paper is my favorite thing to decorate with!!!

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