Funny Elf-Inspired Painted Holiday Totes!

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 Funny Elf-Inspired Painted Holiday Totes!
I love tote bags!  I like funny movies, like Elf too.  Elf is my favorite Christmas movie.  I watch it on repeat while I craft Christmas gifts.  Once, it repeated 3 times in a row.  My family got so sick of it.
 I picked a couple of my favorite movie lines to print on my totes...
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins...and...You're an Elf
 They are adorable and fun to make!
You will need:
Canvas tote bags
Colorful Holiday Fabric
Freezer paper
X-acto knife/Silhouette Cameo
Craft paint
stencil brush
Sewing machine
piece of cardboard
 I got a bunch of DIY White Canvas tote bags from Oriental Trading Company.
They come in a pack of 12 for $20.99.
They sent them to me at no cost in exchange for this tutorial!
 They are pretty good quality.  They are a bit thin and the straps are very flimsy...
They would be great for a child's birthday party...simple tote bags for
school books...but they aren't super substantial.
So I decided to give them enough of a makeover to make them phenomenal!
 I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a stencil on freezer paper.
If you haven't used freezer paper for crafts, it's amazing...check out this post.
 Then I ironed it on the bag...

It doesn't take much to iron freezer paper onto the bags.
  Just make sure the edges are nice and secure.
 Don't forget to add in the middle of the this a.
 Next you will need some craft paint and a stencil brush.
 Use the piece of cardboard to fit snuggly inside the bag.
This will prevent bleeding through the bag.
 Dab some paint on the brush and then dab on the bag.
I did an ombre look with 2 shades of green paint.
 Just painted the light green and then added some dark green to the bottom half.
 For the other bag I used just crimson red paint.
 As soon as you are done painting, peel off the freezer paper.
 Use a hook to get the insides of letters off.
 Let them dry completely.
 Now get out some fun fabric.
 Cut a piece just a little wider than the bag.
I did about 6 inches on top to make a cuff around the top of the bag.
 Flip the fabric inside out...
 Sew down both edges.
 At the base of the bag, pinch the bottom to make it flat
and sew a little it's makes a triangle.
 Do on the other side.
This will give the base of the bag a rectangle shape...not essential
but a great way to make the bag roomy.
 Now stick the fabric bag inside the tote...the inside of the bag becomes the bright
 colorful holiday material...and folds over to make a cuff.
 Fold the fabric over to cuff it and fold under the edge and sew in place.
 I used some black webbing to make a sturdier handle.
 Just sew it in place!
 Then you are done!
These would be a fun way to gift things this holiday season!
 They are also a great idea for party favors!
Make them match the party theme...or have the kids decorate them as part of the fun!
 I love them!
I love to take simple supplies and make them amazing with my own custom touch!

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