Wire Wrapped Lunar Pendants!

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6:00 AM

 Wire Wrapped Lunar Pendants!
 I call them Lunar because they look like a moon...with
 a crescent shape...and so I used a star bead.

You will need 3 feet of wire and about 4 or 5 large beads.
 Just make a rough loop with about 2 feet of the wire.
Then twist and wrap the wire around the loops about 4 times.
 Wrap the wire up to the opposite side and twist and wrap to make a small loop for hanging.
 Wrap around the small loop and then let the remaining wire dangle in front.
 Add a few beads of choice!
 Right onto the wire.
Making sure they fit in the inside of the loops.
 Twist and wrap the remaining wire right around the loops.
Add a chain and you are ready to wear!
Add a chain for maximum accessorization!
Just ordered a gold snake chain that should be here any day now...

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kimmy1 said…
Im so Glad i found your page.
Your style is almost like mine...
Lotsa wire n wrapping and a lil on messy side....
Love what you do
Thank you for showing things a lil dif........Love it