Denim Patch Quilt and Craft Mat!

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Denim Patch Quilt and Craft Mat!

I am not a quilter...but about 10 years ago I thought it would be fun to make a denim blanket.
They were all the rage then...and I think they still are...denim is timeless, right?
After hand cutting 6 inch squares, I realized a craft mat and a rotary cutter are a must!
I received this awesome craft mat at no cost in exchange for this review.

I love that it is a self healing mat!
That means that the grooves sort of close back in together so there aren't huge gashes in it.
These are amazing and a must have for quilting!
Then it works like magic to sew the pieces together and they all line up because they are all the same size!  Yay!

And then Boo!
I ran out of my quilt waits, unfinished...until I can gather more materials.
Or I could make it a baby blankie...but I have no babies.
Maybe I'll finish it in time for grandkids...

Come back in a couple hours for a long time project that I actually DID finish!

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