Harry Potter Party! Decorations, Games and Treats!

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 The Perfect Harry Potter Party!
Halloween is my favorite!
I love parties too--and decided I must do a Harry Potter Party every year!
It was so much fun!
First, a photo booth!

Brick Wall Photo Op!

And...I got this amazing BRICK WALL backdrop from Lollipop Props Shop!
It's the perfect Photo Op backdrop for a party worthy of Hogwarts!
Find them on Facebook, Twitter or Lollipop Props!

Shop their ETSY store for 20% off using code: DOODLECRAFT15

Adding a backdrop made such a difference to a room that is otherwise very orangey and dark!
This light gray brick lightened up the space...I wish it was permanent!
I hung it right over the entry closets using push pins!

I made fun invitations for the party!
 Check out how to make your own Hogwarts House Crest Rubber Stamp here!
 Right click to save off this letterhead I made up...
Then download this Harry P free font and type it up and print it out!
I printed it out on parchment paper for added awesome.
  Then I had a frog wax seal--I love when I have stuff laying around!
Of course, I really love this Hogwarts seal set:

I used gold sealing wax and a lighter to melt it.
It's flammable, so it ignites if you aren't careful...an empty hot glue gun is also a good choice.
 Just melt a nickle sized pile of wax and then press the seal into it.
 These are great and still mail-able! 
 Just our luck too!
The post office had Harry Potter Stamps!

I made a sorting hat for our party!
It was mini but easy to make!

I cut 2 identical circles and one big triangle.
 I folded and glued little pieces of the triangle to make it wrinkled.
 Then I glued the triangle together to form a cone.
 I cut the center out of the circles and cut small notches...
 that I hot glued inside the hat!
 It's the perfect way to sort guests into Hogwarts Houses!

Golden Snitch Treats!
You need:
Ferrero Rocher chocolates
Vellum paper
Hot glue/gun
 Cut long, slender wings out of vellum or wax paper and hot glue
them to the chocolates with just a tiny tab of glue!
 They are adorable and will fly away quick!
Our favorite game of the night was playing
Bean Boozled!
It's basically Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean in a game!

There's a spinner and you take turns spinning to see which color of jelly bean
you get to eat.  It can either be a sweet tasting flavor or the nastiest thing ever!
Trust me, I got 5 sick flavors in a row!
Stinky socks, Canned Dog Food, Barf, Toothpaste and Lawn Clippings...
the grossest was the stinky socks!  Blech!
 We recommend having a spittoon for spitting nasty beans in...
and some napkins handy!
This guy loved it and laughed so hard at all the horror.

And another favorite game...
 Right click and save off these 2 pictures.
Then print them out.

 Then cut them and line them up.
They should fit perfect!
If you want your Umbridge dart board to last longer, laminate it!
 I put each sheet in the laminator after trimming the edges.
 Then cut the excess plastic.
 Line them up and tape together.  I used packing tape!
Then, we already had a magnetic dart board on hand...and magnetic darts.

Like this one from Amazon.
I taped Umbridge right to the front!
Hang it up and lob those darts at her!
Admit it, you wanted her to die way more than the Dark Lord!
Oh, how she was insufferable!

My best advice:
If there is anything at your party that you don't want your guests to see...
cover it with a big black sheet or fabric and add some spray painted gold frames!
The perfect touch to a Harry Potter Party!
And no one has to see the piled high computer desk, sewing table, Silhouette Cameo, printer,
to-do lists, note pads, random junk and embroidery machine all crammed on your desk!
Win win!

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