Little Bo Peep Pigtail Bows!

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 Little Bo Peep Pigtail Bows!
And one for the Shepherds crook too!
 Cosplay and Dress ups are so much fun!
You will need Satin 1" blue and 1.5" pink!
Wrap the pink like this:
 Gather it up in the center...
 And then wrap it about 25 times with a spool of thread...then tie off the 2 ends of thread.
 Repeat with the blue...
 Wrap with thread and tie off...
 Take a 6 inch piece of marabou boa and hot glue the ends together to make a circle pouf.
 Then layer the blue, pouf and pink...and wrap with thread securely...
 Hot glue a rhinestone button on the top!
Add a clip on the back.
 Perfect for pigtail bows--and one for the crook!
I absolutely love pigtails!
 I love the pink and blue combo!
Pair with a fluffy tutu, sandals and corset top!
 Where's my sheep?
When I was taking these pictures we just snuck into the backyard and took them.
When coming in the house, her 6 year old brother said
 "why are you dressed up like Little Bo Peep?"

Ha ha, it was perfect!

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