Feathery Hair Extensions!

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Feathery Hair Extensions!
Ever wanted to add a little pop of color to your hair without damaging it?
 This Kisspat Synthetic Hair extension kit is great!

I received this at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion
It comes with 50 strands of Grizzly Feather hair, 100 micro link beads and the hook loop tool
All you need are some simple small hand pliers.
Part the hair about 1 inch away from where you normally part it.
(this way the link wont be as obvious right in your part line)
The loop tool is wonderful!
Just slip a micro link bead onto the loop tool and hook a bit of hair close to the scalp.
Then slide the link bead off the tool and onto the hair.
Slide the hair through the bead completely and remove the loop tool.
Now add in an extension into the bead.
Give it a flat squeeze with your pliers.
And it should lay flat.
It can be brushed and washed too!
Keep them in as long as you want...when you are ready to take them out,
Just use the pliers and squeeze the link the other way to open it up again.
I filled my daughter's hair with about 15 colorful streaks!
They look great!
It's a fun look and would be great for a costume addition too!
They are about 12-14 inches long and can be shorter or longer depending on placement.
They fit into my girls hair perfectly!
She loves it and can't wait to show her friends!
Good thing we homeschool--would this break school dress code?
I love that it is not permanent and doesn't damage hair!
Great idea for tween/teen birthday parties, setting up shop at a local fair or just for fun!

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