Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty Hair Bow!

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 Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty Hair Bow!
 I love Sleeping Beauty!
 And I love cosplay, costumes and dress ups!
I love playing with my little doll...I mean daughter!
 I had this gathered ribbon.
Lay it out like this.
 Gather down the center...and then wrap the center with thread and tie it off.
(more detailed instructions here)
 Then cut the tails and melt them with fire to keep them from fraying.
 Part one, done!
 Now take a 8 inch piece of satin ribbon in black
and hot glue the edges together to make a loop!
 Gather it in the center and...
 wrap with thread and tie it off.
 Hot glue a puffy feather on top of the black bow.
 Then glue the white ribbon on top...wrap the combination with thread to keep it secure.
 Then hot glue a silver rosette on top!
 Add an alligator clip on the back with hot glue.
 Ready to rock!
Add to a silver skirt, black corset, white shirt and lilac colored scarf!
Oh yeah, and lips that shame the red red rose!

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