How I Keep My 6 Year Old Happy with Frankincense Oil!

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How I Keep My 6 Year Old Happy! 
I absolutely love essential oils!
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 So, meet my son.  He is 6, and the third child.
He has a little bit of a temper...and oddly enough, 2 mosquito bites on his forehead. (lol)
If you have kiddo's, it's hard to calm them down when they are upset.
So, when I received this oil, I waited until he was grumpy to test it out.
I took him out on the patio and took this before picture.
(he was not thrilled, obvs)
 I used a drop of frankincense oil and rub it over his heart.
 And then litterally in a minute, he was not only calmed down...
but hysterically laughing!
I have never seen a child change their mood so quickly when they are upset about something.
This has been life changing for us!
Here's what the 6 year old had to say on the subject:

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