CHRISTMAS IN JULY Craft Stick Snowflakes!

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6:00 AM
If I don't do a week for Christmas in July...
I get totally booked in December and don't have time to get things done!

So this week will be Christmas in July!
Come back each day and get a jump start on your holidays!

This is one I've wanted to do for a couple years now...
Craft Stick Snowflakes!
 You will need:
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Hot glue/gun
spray paint
 Just hot glue sticks together to form your favorite geometric shaped snowflakes!
 Remember, snowflakes have 6 sides.  It's a scientific fact.
So my OCD makes me stick with the 6 sided figures.
 I did 3 different ones.  I love them!
 Then I spray painted them!  2 gold and 1 silver!
 They look fabulous hanging along the fence...and would look
great hanging in windows or on the front door!

 Especially fun for an area that doesn't get much snow!
Snow much fun!  :)

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