CAMPING WEEK! Backpacking Gear 72 Hour Emergency Kits!

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 Backpacking Gear 72 Hour Emergency Kits!
My son is 13 and heavily involved in scouts...which means, we are too, right?
So we have all packed camping/backpacking gear that doubles as our 72 hour emergency kits.
They are perfect.  They are always packed...we just grab and go.
When we come home...we wash, repack and stash.
 Each of our packs is filled with emergency essentials.
Our packs are 65 liters each.  The 6 year old has 50 liter.
There are 10 essentials you should make sure to pack:
Navigation ( if you know where you are going)
    Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)
    Insulation (extra clothing)
    Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
    First-aid supplies
    Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)
    Repair kit and tools
    Nutrition (extra food)
    Hydration (extra water)
    Emergency shelter
 So, I have my hiking boots and gloves hooked with a carabiner right to my bag.
I can't plan on wearing sensible shoes, so I want to have them with my gear in case of emergency.
Sleeping bag (extreme weather) and an inflatable pillow
Poncho and old patrol cap for weather
 Extra clothes and layers (in a 2 gal ziploc for weather protection)
3 days worth of food (more on this tomorrow!)
Hygiene and essentials and first aid
(Ladies, I HIGHLY recommend having this Go Girl and
this Feminine Alternative Protection in your go bag...yes, a personal recommendation)
Knife, ax or multi-tool, lighter/matches and yes, I have scissors
And a small tent (we split up the tent pieces, and carry 2 tents between the 5 of us)
And, as the mom, I have a bag of baby wipes for dirty hands and faces!
All our gear bags are equipped with a 3L Camelback and Sawyer Filtration System.
So we are good for water for 3 days (if rationed) without a refill.
This Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet is awesome too!
**I received mine at a discounted price in exchange for this review**
I hook it right on my bag so it's ready to go!

I got mine with a compass...and in pink!
It looks like a regular paracord bracelet...but it's stuffed full of survival stuff!
  • FOOD: Fishing tackle includes 30' fishing line, 2 snelled hooks, bobbers, sinkers, and swivels. Fishing line and swivels double as snare building materials.
  • FIRE: Kit contains ferrocerium fire starter rod with serrated fire striker and dried tinder bundle.
SHELTER: Bracelet unravels into 12' of paracord which can be further stripped into individual strands to obtain over 80' of usable cordage. Safety pins also included for gear repairs. It feels great to know that in the event of an emergency, all I need to do is grab this bag!
In the meantime, I'll take it camping and restock on a regular basis!
We also keep a gear bag (in a rolling suitcase) in the car.  
Great to have just in case we have a problem!
What do you have in your gear bag?

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