CAMPING WEEK! 72 hour kits: FOOD

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 CAMPING WEEK! 72 hour kits: FOOD
Food is a big deal.
I won't rant about stocking up and storing food...but I am a big geek about this.
Emergency kit food needs to be able to store in various temperatures.
 We made each person in our family 3 packs of food (1 pack per day for 3 days)
It's so filled with things that you can eat one thing every hour from sun up to sun down!
You won't feel hungry.
My boys went on a 3 day backpacking trip and came home
with half their 3 day supply of food.
So in extenuating circumstances, it would suffice...
and maybe have some to spare with others.

Here's what I put in ours:
Dried Mangoes (130 cals)
Dried Bananas (100 cals)
2 Sweet and Salty Granola Bars  (170 cals each)
1 cup dry Oats with 1 tsp cinnamon/sugar (2 packs for the men)  (300 cals each)
4 Slim Jims (160 cals)
Homemade Beef Jerky (200 cals for 4 oz)
2 servings of protein powder (140 cals each)
Fruit snacks (80 cals)
Hot Tamales Cinnamon candy (140 cals)
Good & Plenty (140 cals)
Total of 2,170 calories!
(which is amazing for a 72 hour kit, most purchasable kits are only 800-1200 calories per day)
For kids and women, I left out 1 package of 1,870 calories
 I like to use vacuum sealing bags and seal an entire day in each bag.
Okay, let's talk oats.
I feed my kids dry old fashioned oats regularly.
We don't heat it up...we like milk on it, but water works too.
In a pinch...we would just eat it like popcorn right out of the bag.
The protein powder will be better with some water,
but even it can just be eaten.
I would like to add some thing green in I ordered this:

 I don't know how I'll incorporate it into our emergency kits yet...maybe just mix
in a serving with the protein shakes...but I think
 that it will help with adding essential nutrients to our food.
 Now it's sealed and ready to store in case of emergencies!
Emergency food should be rotated.
I recommend cycling it out every 6 months.
If there hasn't been an emergency, make new kits for everyone.
Then plan an outing where you each take a package of food...test it out.
See what you like and don't like.  Make adjustments.
Don't let your emergency kits sit without some food in them.
We also keep some in a kit in our really never know when you are going to need them!
Any other suggestions for putting together 72 hours worth of food?
Do you have 72 hour kits?
What food do you put in them?
What works, what doesn't?
How do you rotate your food supply?

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