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Flapper Style Feather Headband!

 Flapper Style Feather Headband!
 I used just a few things for this adorable headband!
You will need:
16-18" fold over elastic
Fancy Nagorie plumed feather
plastic netting (from an old marble or fruit bag)
plastic rhinestone button
 I measured my head with the elastic and then cut it one inch shorter...this
 way it stretches just enough to keep it on but not to squeeze out your brains.
Use a lighter to melt both ends to prevent fraying.
 Hot glue them to the back of the feather pad...and hot glue a felt circle over the top of them.
 I used pliers to pinch off the back of the button...
And put a dot of hot glue on the feather...then set the net on top and pressed the jewel on the glue.
Holding it all together!
 Looks cute and has a fun flapper vibe!
 Can be worn as a plumed headband too!
 Don't you love using recyclables in cool crafts!?
This marble bag is the perfect touch of veiling!

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