H2O GO! Backyard Summer Fun--and Giveaway!

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H2OGO! Backyard Summer Fun!
We have the most fun in our backyard all summer long!
Most summer days/nights are spent jumping on the tramp, playing outdoor games, and campfires!
But our most favorite of all...is water play!
Nothing says "summer is here" like splashing in the water!
I received 2 varieties of H2O GO! Sliders!
Recommended for ages 5-12
My kids are 11 and 6, this was so fun and perfect for them!
We had a great "Kick-off to Summer" Party!
We spent this entire sunny day playing on the Double Slider.
(although my kids prefer to ride one at a time)
First you need to pick up any debris on the lawn.
See why I love the backyard so much!?
Then lay out the slide.
It needs to be filled in 2 side caverns with water. These will act as weights for the slide ramp.
Then you need to fill the ramp with air.
The directions weren't as clear as my OCD mind needs,
so this took me a while to figure out all the details.
Then I had to search around for our air pump...ugh...but I
was not going to be able to blow it up with my own breath!
Then the hose screws onto the slide and fills the edge to the reservoir with water...
water spurts out of little holes all along the edges and keeps
the slide wet and ready for sliding!
The ramp makes it perfect for launching on the slide!
It helps cushion your landing.
Also, this slide is substantial! It's not thin, like laying out a plastic bag on the ground.
The plastic is thick and durable!

My daughter loved the slide!
She loved the ramp, it gave her more courage to get a good running start.
She loved the pool at the end too--and the shock of the cold hose water!
The slide is 18 feet long...plenty of length!
Perfect for sliding--and the Perfect kick-off to Summer!!!
My son loved sliding on his seat.
He was super daring and loved the splash at the end too!
We loved it!
I giggled and laughed watching my kids in complete happiness...that's
the best part of being the mom!
Try H2O GO! in your backyard for a great Kick-off to Summer party!
You can pick up your water slide at Toys R’Us, Amazon.com, Target.com and Walmart.com.
H2O Go! wants to let one lucky Doodlecraft reader win their own water slide too!
To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment about what you would do with your slide!

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Kim_Ann said…
The H20 GO looks like so much fun! Your cute little kids are enjoying themselves in that awesome backyard with their slide! We live on the the river and it would be awesome to put this down next to the dock!
AguasGirl said…
I love them!!! Seriously what wouldn't you do with it? Those were the best part about growing up and all we had was that flat blue mat!

I am starting a moms group and would seriously love one of those to get moms and kids connecting in our community! Kids make better friends when they have a fun activity and they can learn to take turns. (Plus my husband and I are way too immature to not try it too!). My kids love the water and I can so see my daughter loving this! I wonder if it would ever get put away all summer...
lil_lady_dz said…
Would love to have this for our family reunion in the summer for the kids, even just for the backyard when we have family BBQ's would be nice. I remember having something similar to this as a kid, but not as cool as this one.

Nicole.ddziedzic at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
This would be awesome for our kids. We are moving this summer and hoping for a flat, grassy yard. This would be a great surprise for kids after we move. They love to play in water.
Price family said…
This would be an awesome surprise for my sisters!! We live in Korea and have a great yard to use it in. It would be fun for a welcome home party for my oldest sister who is getting ready to join the air force just like my dad, who has been in for 22 years!!!!!!!
Manda said…
I would give it to my niece and nephew.
Kristin W said…
My son would love a slide for the backyard! We spend a lot of time outside when the weather is nice and I'm looking for more activities for us to do together. I'm pretty sure one of our dogs may like to join us on the slide. LOL

Kristin G