Felt Quiet Book with Snaps!

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 Felt Quiet Book with Snaps!
Quiet books and sensory games are so fun for kids and great teaching aids!
 You will need:
Hot glue/gun
Felt (various colors)
Sewing machine (optional)
Snaps and snap setter

Cut out felt shapes to make whatever scene you want.
I did a landscape with grass, tree and sun.
Hot glue the bulk of the shapes onto the background.
Once it's glued...it's snap time.
You can set as many snaps as you want.
I did 5 flowers.
(You could change up the scene for various seasons or holidays!)
Stab the awl through the fabric where you want the snap set...
Pierce the pointy snap part through the awl hole...
then set the snap receiver on top.
Put them carefully into your snap pliers...and squeeze!
Easy as pie!
The back is perfect and the top is ready to snap!

Repeat the process until satisfied!
Now we need some flowers.
I cut five flowers from felt.
And used the same technique to set the other side of the snaps on the flowers.
Stab, poke, cap, squeeze.
That little sharp pokey part gets squished so it is flat and then the cap wont come off.

It's so simple!  I want to put snaps on everything!
Now you can snap the flowers on the scene!
I wanted to make my page a little more substantial...so I covered it with another piece of felt...
Like this.
And sewed all around the corners and edges,
about 1/4" away from the edge...
Leaving a little 2 inch gap at the top...
To flip it right side out...
then it just takes a little line of hot glue
to glue that gap together...
I included an elastic in one page,
And a button on the backside so it can fold up like a little purse.
Perfect for a little lady to take to church!
Have you used snaps before?
I love them.

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