Rocket Jet Packs! #tbt

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 Rocket Jet Packs!
This is by far, my most popular post ever!
I posted it back on April 26th baby was so adorable!
He still has the jet packs, loves them...and they've only needed minor repairs.
 With my son's imagination...I knew he needed some Jet Packs.
He loves to run.  He loves the thought of flight.
He loves Star Wars, Bounty Hunters and Super Heroes...
He needed some jet packs!
Two 2-liter bottles, empty and clean
Silver spray paint
Hot glue/gun
 I upcycled 2 Two-liters and lightly misted the 
tops of them with silver spray paint.
 Just a super light coating so they dry quickly!
  I took a piece of cardboard that fit the width of his back.
Used some old webbing and stapled in
 place to go around his arms.
I stapled it...since then I have taken the staples out and just hot glued it.
 Cut some flames out of felt
 and hot glue them in the spout...
 Then we hot glued the bottles onto the cardboard...and that's it!
I also hot glued on a little rectangle of felt onto 
the front straps for the ignition switch.
 3...2...1...Blast Off!
 Instantly, he took off!
Running, zooming, playing!
 He loves them!

 There is nothing more adorable than a child's imagination!
 So, quick!
Dig through your garbage and make some jet packs for a little person in your life!
 I love projects that just come together under time and under budget.
And no kidding, he still wears his jet packs and loves them!

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