Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant!

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 Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant!
 To start you will need wire.
I got this at Joann Fabric and Crafts store.
You'll need 26 gauge and 16 gauge wire of the same color.
 Star with the 16 gauge wire and form a circle that's about 2 inches.
 Loop it at the top...
 And twist a little loop for hanging.  Then wrap the wire around the loop and clip the end.
 Now cut 12 pieces of 26 gauge wire, about 10 inches long.
 Fold them in half and loop them over the circle.
 Twist them around the big wire a few times and squeeze them together tight.
 Repeat for all 12 strands.
 Now take the strands by 3's and braid them.
 A loose braid, just about 3/4 an inch long.
 Repeat until all 12 strands have been braided.
 Pull the braids up in the center of the ring.
 Twist them all together to form the trunk...only twist them about 1/4" and
then start splitting the wires to form branches.
 Twist a little then split again...over and over...
 Until you've branded out your tree!
(pardon the excessive shadows)
Twist the wires around the outside ring.
 Now, you can add beads to the branches...but I did this one bare.
Clip the remaining wire about 1 inch.
 Then use some jewelry pliers to twist and curl the wires to form little puffs.
 Repeat on all the wires.
 Hang on a chain!
Add some beads, a charm, or a moon!
Create a little bonsai tree!

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Anonymous said…
Hi Natalie.. I am not sure if I was under a rock for a few years, but I have loved the tree of life emblem and wanted one, but I don't want to spend a fortune on one. But this actually looks like something I can do. If you were to make a larger version of this, would you change only the length of the wire, or also the size? And you didn't use glue to secure any spots right? You make this look so easy 🤗