Ironman Arch Reactor Hoodie!

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 Ironman Arch Reactor Hoodie!
 Gildan sent me a package of amazing hoodies and tees!
They have a great selection of cotton items for men, women and children.
My kids were thrilled!
My 6 year old requested a RED Ironman Hoodie!
He loved the plush, soft fleece hooded sweatshirt...
 But it wasn't anything transforming.
 I printed off an arc reactor image.
and stapled it to a piece of Freezer paper.
I used a hobby knife to cut the shapes carefully.
 Saving all the pieces I was cutting off of the freezer paper...
Basically cutting away all the "gray" lines so I can paint them black.
 Once it's cut, you iron the shiny side of the freezer paper to the shirt.
 Start with the outside circle.
 Then iron on the inside pieces.
 Now it's ready for some black fabric paint.
 Using a stippling brush to get it down in all the spaces.
 Remove the freezer paper while the paint is still tacky.
 Then let it dry completely.
 Next, I used blue and white to make a light blue and painted in the spaces...
 So it looks like it's glowing with light!
(I had an errand to run during this stage, so I passed it off to my 10 year old daughter)
 Perfect for my little Ironman!
Instantly transformed as I helped him into this hoodie!
He ran outside, posed for a quick picture and then ran all over the yard!
Climbing the fence...flipping on the grass...running up the slide...
 He was completely thrilled!
 By the end of the day it was covered with dead grass...
but I call that a huge success!
 Who knew a hoodie could inspire such imagination!
Check out Gildan for all your cottony needs!

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Cheryl said…
This is awesome! My dd will want this. I finally bought freezer paper and will be doing my first freezer paper stencil soon. It looks like you are using Silhouette fabric ink for the outline. I've wanted to try it but had trouble finding it in stock at my favorite online retailers. I ended up buying Tulip Soft Matte fabric paint. Is the fabric ink very different from fabric paint?