Stencil and Stain Wood Furniture! #tbt

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 This is a project I did back in September 2012.
I love how cool it looks!
Stencil and Stain Wood Furniture!
 Here's some before and afters!
I got this wood dresser at a yard sale for $ was in major need of help.
But even after cleaning and sanding down, it needed some wood to show...but not all of it.
Stencil and stain is the perfect blend!
 Even making different types of wood look like they match each other perfectly!
 Look at the shape of this wood nightstand top!
 I used my silhouette came and tried to cut the plastic with it...
it wasn't cutting all the way through...but it marked the plastic.
this is a good type of plastic to use for stencils...and it's cheap.

 So I spent a long time with tiny tipped scissors and a hobby knife cutting it out.
It helps to put an "x" on the area to cut you don't get tunnel vision and cut the wrong part.
 Use some adhesive spray and tape.
 Spray stencil lightly and then tape on your surface.
 stencil paint with a stipple brush.
 Remove stencil while wet and let paint dry completely.
Then place stencil in the next place...paint, remove, dry, repeat!
 It's a labor of love, but doesn't take long to paint between dryings.
 Once I painted all the white, I wanted a pop of color!
 Teal!  perfect!
 Then cover in stain!
Have a dry rag on hand...and then wipe away all the stain.
It wont stick on the painted area...although it "antiques" it slightly.
 I didn't have matching hardware, so I just spray painted
 all these mismatched ones copper!
 Great way to add matching pieces to a bedroom set!

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