Growth Chart Ruler!

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 Growth Chart Ruler!
Keep track of how fast those kiddos are growing with a growth ruler!
 I started with a used used used piece of fence slat...
but you can buy cheap fence slats at a home improvement store for less than $2.
 The bottom edge was so munched...I had to cut a few inches off...
 Next I went with my favorite shade of steel blue!
 And painted the top.
It needed a lot of paint because the wood was so old and splintery.
 Oh yeah...check out your base board'll probably want to start your numbers up a little bit.  I started at 5 inches up.
 So it could rest on the base boards that are 5".
 Line up a measuring tape or yard stick and use a sharpie marker to make the lines every inch.
At the 6 inch mark, make a longer line,
 and at the foot mark, make the biggest line.
 Then use a contrasting color of paint to paint the numbers!
 Now because I had to cut my board down...I didn't have room to paint on the "6".
Although where it is mounted, it goes up to exactly 6 feet tall.
If tallness runs in the family, you could start at 1 foot decide!
A growth chart to keep tabs for ya.  The kids will love it and want to be measured every day!
Best part...if you move, it goes with you!  :)

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Maths Munyip said…
I love this idea. Although over in the UK we measure in meters.... Really fabulous and made of recycled wood. Lucy x