My Little Pony Discord Nightlight!

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6:00 AM
 My Little Pony Discord Nightlight!
 The Discord Lamp!
When I watched this episode..."Keep Calm Flutter On"
I wanted to make a Discord lamp just like this!
But that's harder than I am ready for...and will take more thought.
Instead I made a simple DIY version that you can do easily too!
 First, right click to save off the image.
Print it off on a piece of shrink big as you can.
Grafix Shrink Film, Printable, White Inkjet, 6-Pack
I did another one slightly bigger and it worked better.
 Cut it out and leave a border...
 Place on a parchment lined baking sheet, printed side up!
 Place in the 350* oven for a few minutes.
watch it curl up and then flatten out!
Remove, let cool.
 Now take a Dollar store nightlight...
 And cut the tab off the back...yes, cut through the princesses!
I used a band saw...but wire clippers work too!
 Just use some E6000 and glue the tab onto the backside of Discord!
 Dry completely!
 Ready to illuminate!
 Clip the tab back on the light housing and plug it in!
 It's adorable and works until I can figure out how to make him really holding a light bulb!
Love it!

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Penelope said…
Oh! This is so cute! And it opens up a whole slew of ideas for nightlights! Thanks for sharing!
Lori B. said…
I just finished making a Picachu night light (from Pokemon), for my son. I am also making him Pj pants and a pillow case. It will make a great DIY Christmas gift set. Thanks SO much for the great idea!