Vintage Frame Ring Display! #tbt

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A fabulous tutorial on repurposing/upcycling
Vintage Frames into Ring Display cases!
Gorgeous right?  I just loved to see ALL my rings in one place!
Start with some empty frames.
I've been fortunate enough to pick up frames at yard sales
 and thrift stores for under essentially these can be pretty cheap!

Paint, glaze, style anyway you like!
You will need old towels...the thicker the better...but it doesn't really matter.
And some black velvet.
(you could use whatever material you have sitting around, but I think velvet helps
 the rings to stay in place a little better--plus it looks so sophisticated!)
You will need a piece of cardboard to fit a little larger than the opening of the frame.
I used cereal box type cardboard...kind of flimsy.

Now, measurements will be different based on your
 frame size and the thickness of the towel.
My frame's opening is 5 by 7.
(it can hold about 20-22 rings)
But start by rolling your towel tightly until it is at least
1 inch in diameter, up to 1.5 inches.

If the rolls are too small, your rings wont stay put.
 If they are too's plain weird!
Mine are about 5 inches by 8 inches...
And they make nice sized rolls...I trimmed the edges
 of the rolls before gluing them down...
so they were uniform size and fit the frame.
And 6 rolls fit perfectly into my frame...
Okay, use a strip of hot glue across each roll and glue onto your cardboard.
The velvet will weave in and out of the rolls...
with hot glue securing it to the cardboard as well.
{Sorry for the lack of pics here}
Spread apart your glued rolls and run some hot glue on the cardboard.
Insert your velvet and press into the crease with a tongue depressor.
Repeat for each roll.
Should look like this from the side
Put a dab of hot glue on the end of each roll and flatten
 the velvet down on the cardboard so it will fit in the frame.
Glue the cardboard securely in to the frame!
And then, mass produce!  These are great gifts!
Keep in mind for Christmas!
Perfect for Photos of rings for sale...
or displaying your rings at craft shows!
I just hung mine up on the wall tonight!  Pics to come in the future!
This pink one has an easel back!  Perfect nightstand display!
Great for craft fairs or shows too!
These are mostly costume and cocktail type rings...
I would keep the expensive jewelry out of sight just for safety's sake.
(not like I have any)

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