Steampunk Gun Makeover!

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 Steampunk Gun Makeover!
We turned a cheap plastic pistol into a prop worthy of cosplay!
My son had a great idea to make his dad a fun tricked out gun for Christmas.
 It was a dollar store type gun.
Light weight and really dinky.
Dan used Rub 'n Buff and coated it silver and gold.

 We used old watch parts and we busted apart an old hard drive too and used
 E6000 to glue them all over the gun.  I let the 12 year old do all the design work.
These parts still spin too!
 We used the telescope and looked at the cogs and parts up cool!
They look like big sharp table saw blades!
 We had to prop up the gun while parts dried...
 It took a few days worth of drying.
One side at a time...
 Love his tiny little fingers!
Did you know he was born like this?
When I was holding him as a baby in the hospital, our insurance guy
came in and had forms for me to sign.
I set baby down between my draped legs and signed the forms.
The guy saw his fingers and asked the totally uneducated question "what happened?"
I told him that we took him to Sea World and a shark bit off his fingers.
The guy was shocked, "really?"
No.  Not really.  I just had him today.  Obviously he was born like this.
Man, some people talk without thinking.
 Anways, the gun.
Propped up to dry.
 Here's the bulkier side...
 And the other side.
It fits perfect in my it a really solid weight
and makes it so much cooler!

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Penelope said…
And yeah - some people do talk without even thinking. My Dad used to have a sign on his desk - engage brain before putting mouth into gear. haha