Notebooks and Pencils--Elastic Organizers! #tbt

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Art Kits for fabulous works of HEART!
Perfect Pencil/Marker cases that fit snuggly on a 
variety of notebooks and composition books!
Do you have an artist in the family?
Maybe it's the kids...maybe it's the hubby!  :)
This gift is perfect across the board!

Here's what you'll need:
Markers, colored pencils, pencils, pens, markers...
An artist notebook or composition book
You'll need webbing and 2 sizes of elastic.
Here's the size and measurements I used.
(if you don't have webbing, you can use some thick fabric,
like canvas or denim...just hem the edges so it doesn't fray)

Melt the edges of your webbing so it doesn't fray either!
Take the skinny elastic and stitch it right on to the webbing.
About every 1/2 inch or so.
(If you are putting larger markers (or sharpies) in the case,
you'll need to make the spaces larger.)
You'll see mine is not exactly measured out...but it's great!
Then sew the wider elastic on both sides of the webbing to make a
notebook "belt"...
Fill with your fun fillings!
Get creative!

If you're giving it for a child's gift you could use crayons (i hate that bad?)
Just don't leave crayons out in the sun while traveling, okay?
You could wrap it around a coloring book!

If you're giving it to a boyfriend...maybe add some slim jims...or bacon?

If you're giving it to should write on the first page...they love that!

If you're giving it to a student or a can fill it with highlighters and
#2 pencils and wrap it around a text book!

If it's for traveling, include some crossword puzzles,
 Sudoku books and magazines!

You get the idea...have fun with it!
Wrap it around your notebook!
(works great on a flimsy composition book cover too!)
Perfect art kit for travel or gifts!
I made some labels and stuck them right to the
covers for my kids Valentine's day gifts!
And the play on "heART" is pretty fun this time of year!
(we homeschool, so I have to do something to make the holiday fun!)
Perfect to take in the car on long drives too!
I love them.

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