Sweet Donut Earrings!

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Super Sweet Doughnut Earrings!
Do you spell it doughnut or donut?
 Sprinkles or chocolate glaze?
 You will need:
Polymer clay in brown
Polymer clay in pink
Brown dimensional (puffy) paint
eye pins
earring findings
paint for sprinkles

Start with a softened ball of clay
I used a brown and a tan and swirled them together.
 Split it in half
 Roll them into tubes
 Connect the tube ends to make a donut!
 Repeat for the other side.
Use a pencil or stylus to smooth the clay where it was joined.
 use eye pins
 And carefully insert it so it doesn't poke through the donut hole!
 If you are doing the pink sprinkle donut...
soften some pink clay and roll it thin.
Spread it out on top of the donut, poke a
pencil into the center and smooth out the clay.
Then bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 275* F.
 After cooling, use the dimensional paint
 to "glaze" your chocolate donuts!
 It dries shiny, so it looks just like glaze!
Just goop it on and spread it around a bit.
 Let them dry completely!
Paint some sprinkles on the pink donuts!
We used pink, yellow and blue!
Super cute fashion statement that looks good enough to eat!
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