Juicy Fruit® Gum with Starburst® Flavors!

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Juicy Fruit® Gum with Starburst® Flavors!
New Juicy Fruit Gum can be found at Target!
I grew up eating Juicy Fruit® Gum, it was my favorite because it wasn't so hot!
My mom always had some in her purse and she'd share with me...but once it
ended up in my hair...don't know how that happened! :) Needless to say,
I am much more careful with monitoring my own children when I give them gum.
It did take a little searching, because it's new...it's wasn't in the "gum" section yet!
But I see right where the regular Juicy Fruit® Gum is.
It was on the end-cap a row or 2 down from the gum section...so
keep looking to find it at your Target!
My kids were absolutely thrilled that we got to try out this new gum.
Most gums are so minty (hot) that it's too much for my littlest to enjoy,
but just like me during my childhood...he loves Juicy Fruit® Gum.
So, he was the most excited...despite his pictures.
The price is right on. It's about the same...or less than any others.
Let's talk Starburst for a second...everyone knows the most popular are the red and pink!
So they used in the gum! It smells so good too!
Starburst gum is available in Single-packs (15 sticks)
& Multi-packs (3 single packs of 15 sticks...which is of course what we bought!)
We bought a pack of both the strawberry and the cherry.
In a blind study of 4 people...all four of them liked the strawberry the best!
With the cherry coming in at a close second.
(I love how little kids chew gum)
Of course, I monitor my kids gum chewing and make sure they get
it to the garbage when they are done.
Here's what the 6 year old has to say about the
Juicy Fruit® Gum Strawberry Starburst® Flavor:
What flavor of Juicy Fruit® Gum with Starburst® are you the most excited to try?
Strawberry or Cherry?
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