Shabby Chic Boutique Hair Bows!

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 Valentine's Hair Candy!
Or, seriously, any other day of the week!
It doesn't have to be a special day to wear something fabulous in your hair!
Shabby Chic Interchangeable Boutique Hair Bow clips, headbands or pins!
 I was sent a goodie box from Sunshine Shoppe Supply just filled with sparkly,
bling, fluffy, feathery, sheer, dazzling fun!
Where, oh where, to start!?
 I decided that a slew of LOVE colored hair bobs was in order.
(I realize I just typed bobs instead of bows...but I'm not fixing it.)
I snagged some hot pink pieces and put this together:
A good rule is the rule of 3's.
You nearly can't go wrong with a grouping of 3.
 I used a
 Hot pink marabou pouf (.59)
Hot Pink Satin Puff (.85)
Chiffon Blossom Print flower  (.85)
(they have super cute Chevron chiffon blossoms too!)
Vintage Style Rhinestone Button ($1.35)
2 pink felt circles (1.15, for 10)
So, for about $5, you can make a super cute Shabby Chic headband hair clip!
(free shipping for $50, so you might as well stock up!)
 To start...take 2 felt circles.
No worries about the wrinkles...or color!
And TWO 1 1/2 inch pieces of 1/4" elastic.
 Carefully cut 4 slits in one of the felt circles.
 Just like this picture.
You can kind of see the cuts in the felt, right?
 Now slide your elastic strips into the slits.
And hot glue the ends down onto the felt.
 It will look like a cartoony pig nose.
 Now hot glue the other felt circle on the backside...where you glued the elastic down.
 Now you can add whatever clip, pin or headband you want!
Just slide it on the elastic!
 Next, stacking flowers.
I put a circle of hot glue on the edge of my felt circle...
 And pressed the marabou feathers on the glue.
 Carefully, because feathers can still leak glue through them.
 Next a little glue and press down the rosette...
 Next I hot glued the vintage button onto the shabby print chiffon flower...
 I totally love this!  And glue this flower on the last third section of the felt circle.
 Now that little strip of elastic is PERFECT for sliding right onto a headband,
Hooking on a pin...sliding on an alligator clip or french name it!
 I love the combination of 3 different textures and the bling!
You can't go wrong with a combo like this!
 Next, a shabby heart bow!
 I used white grossgrain ribbon in 2"
heart ribbon in 1"
Chiffon Heartlets
Marabou Pouf
Just stacked 2 boutique bows...check out my tutorial for bow diy
between a marabou puff and then hot glued on the heartlet and a small flower button!
Same felt circle backing makes this a clip or barrette!
 Next, nearly the same idea!
It's so big--I love it!  It's like a fascinator or old style hat!
 Satin ribbon boutique bows, black marabou puff,
pink pearly beads and a shabby flower!
 One of my favorites, is also super simple!
Some days you just feel like a simple flower, right?
 A marabou puff, a chiffon flower and a Dahlia flat back rhinestone.
 Another one nearly the same but in pink!
With the marabou centered under the flower instead of offset.
 I love the pearl and rhinestone plastic centers!
They are so pretty--and don't look cheap!
 This would look great with a pin back as a brooch on a lapel or bag too!
 And last, another shabby flower headband!
Perfect for the day of love!
 Shabby flower puff
Ribbon Yo-Yo flower
plastic rhinestone center
mini rosette
 So many adorable hair flowers!
I love the Sunshine Shoppe Supply--I have another amazing DIY coming up...
it will be perfect for formal dances or dressing up!
These are so fun to make and are the perfect gift for any little lady!
Great for Baby Shower gifts and perfect for tweens, teens and adults!
Here's a great way to store your hair bows too!
You can never have too many!

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