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Hula Hoop Bows and Padded Arrows!

 Hula Hoop Bows and Padded Arrows!
 Okay, this is an easy bow diy that is great for little kids!

 I started with some cheap dollar store variety hula hoops.
They are a very light weight pvc.  If I was making this for my 12 year old son, who would want more of a draw when he pulls back his arrow...I would just use straight PVC pipe.
Alas, hoops.  And wooden dowels...either 1/4" or 3/8"
 I used a hot knife to cut my hula hoops in half.
 Then I used lots of patterned duct tape and decorated!
 Just tape and wrap!
 Next I notched the top and bottom of the hoop and strung it with a string.
I swapped out this string for 550/Parachute cord.
 In order to pull the cord tight enough, it curves the hoop quite a bit!
Which might be too far of a reach for the arrow...or tiny arms.  Cut down the hula hoop as necessary.
 Then I used a piece of packing foam...it's squishy like mattress foam.
 Wrapped it around the hoop and duct taped it in place.
Makes a cushy hand grip.
The arrows are just a big ball of cotton packed in a circle of fabric and hot glued to the dowel.
Then wrapped with a pipecleaner.
I don't know how I missed taking pictures of that...sorry!
 Cute for girls and boys!
Would make a great party favor for a birthday party!
 He was pretty pleased!
 Shoots enough of a distance for kids to feel proud of themselves...but not to do much damage!
Use caution if using these with large groups of children...and I
 would recommend not shooting people.  It's just a good practice.
Or check out these Popsicle Stick Bows we did last year!

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