Simple Infinity Scarf!

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 Simple Infinity Scarf!
 Infinity Scarves are simple to make and pretty inexpensive!
I found this fabric in the remnant bin at Joann Fabric and it was 50% off original pricing.
There was about 1/2 a yard.  Most of the time there isn't enough of the
fabric to do much with, but scarves are the solution.  Dig through the remnants!
It's an awesome almost knitted fabric!
I folded it in half...
And sewed it along the long edge...
leaving the ends open.
  Then turn it right side out.
 Line up the opened ends so that the right sides of the fabric are touching each other,
and the seams are lined up.
 Then carefully sew around them slowly
until you can't safely sew any more.
It's basically turning the scarf inside out...
 Then tuck the sewn edge through the opening...
 And now there is just a small hole left!
 Use a needle and thread to stitch it up!
 Wrap it once or twice and it looks great!

Here's another variety...
Jersey and Lace Infinity Scarf

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Edie said…
I buy 2,3,or 4x tee shirts for 2-5 dollars when they are on clearwnce. Cut off the hems and cit straight across under the arms. No sewing at all!