Jersey and Lace Infinity Scarf!

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Jersey and Lace Infinity Scarf!
I love how this scarf turned out...and it's super simple!
 Joann Fabric and Crafts is my favorite store...I could get lost in there for hours.
Joann Fabric and Crafts sent me a gift card to buy some things to make holiday crafts!
I had to do a Jersey and Lace Infinity Scarf!
 This one is simple.  I promise.
You'll need:
1/3 yard Black with black polka dot jersey fabric (60" by 12")
8 inches of black lace fabric (60" by 8")
Sewing Machine
15 minutes.

Fold the patterned side of the jersey fabric in to form a long tube.
Sew along the long side, leaving the ends open.
 Turn the tube right side out.
 Lay the tube on your surface with the seam running down the center of the scarf.
 Like this.
 The lace will connect both ends of the tube together
without any fancy hand-stitching required!
 I cut the ends of the lace so it looked a little fancy,
just followed the lace patterns.
 Then folded over the edges of the lace and sewed them
to give it a nice finished edge.
 Then I lined up the lace to the jersey and pinned it in place.
The lace just sits right on top of the jersey tube...with the seam on the back.
 Then I sewed it right along the edge.
then I sewed it again, following the decorative cut edge of the lace.
 Top looks like this:
 And the backside like this.
 Then you can wrap it three times...with the lace contrasting!
 Just wrap it twice...
 Any length it looks great!
Have you been to Joann Fabric and Craft Store to stock up on holiday fun?
When I was young, it was basically just a fabric store,
now there is a little of everything you can think of!
Just on Cyber Monday alone--that's where I hung out,
 I bought a new cutting mat 36" by 24"...metal stamped letters,
heat-n-bond and tear away embroidery interfacing!
Can't wait to show you more!

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Unknown said…
Thank you so much for these instructions :-)
It is the only pattern, on the whole of the internet,with an explanation i could understand!
Thank you again :-)