William Hartnell Blue Crystal Signet Ring--1st Day of Doctor Who!

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Okay, so I thought it would be fun to do a Doctor Who Day countdown!
Like the "12 Days of Christmas"...but for Doctor Who!
Come back every day for the newest project!
I am posting these now to give you time to do this yourself.  
Start on December 13th and make a very geeky someone in your life extremely happy!
(if you do...please tell me in the comments--I'll be your best friend!) 
On the 1st Day of Doctor Who, my true love gave to me...
Blue Crystal Signet Ring--or in our case--Jewelry!

William Hartnell--The man who started it all!
Notice his Signet ring?  It's blue.
There's a bunch of info on the signet ring here.
Let's just sum it up by saying it was a large blue crystal that had special abilities!
It could supply power to the TARDIS doors and unjam
 locks...it made appearances here and there through different incarnations.
So of course, this makes our first Doctor Who DIY.
The Blue Signet Jewelry!
I just so happened to have this giant blue plastic rhinestone
and an old cameo frame that fit it perfectly!  How often does that happen?
You could always use a cameo frame like this...and DIY a jewel out of polymer clay!
 I used some E6000 and glue the gem right into the frame.
 Let it dry...added a chain and done!
 The next thing I found was these antique bronze hair clips...
I used some silver Rub 'n Buff
 To add some silver...
 Then rubbed it in with a soft cloth.
 Next I added a little bit of Spanish Copper
Rub 'n Buff...to make it look ancient.
 Just a touch!
 Then I glued blue plastic gems right into the center!
You could always just glue a blue gem to a ring blank too!

Come back tomorrow for Day 2!

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I always love your Doctor Who Crafts!!! I really need to catch up on watching the new episodes!