How to Fake Script Calligraphy!

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 How to Fake Script Calligraphy!

Scrolly, scripty, flowy, gorgeous penmanship is all the rage right now!

Calligraphy is beautiful, but requires some supplies...

hmm, I guess not the fabric crayons...

My mom taught me Italic Calligraphy when I was in 6th grade.

I also learned Black letter and Uncial.

Here's the thing though...
The ink is hard to regulate...starts to bleed...and is so hard to fix any mistakes!
Which is why #1: it's a dying art
#2: not many people have time for that.

I prefer a fake approach.
I even used a fake approach on my wedding announcements.  Whatever works!
I love to use a set of Micron pens.
I "borrowed" these from my daughter who got them for her birthday.

These work great!


Let's fake Calligraphy!

I started off by writing out the word
in a exaggerated drawn out cursive...remember cursive?
This is where 3rd grade pays off.
(doesn't look so great, right?)

Then take a smaller sized tip pen and draw lines
to add thick and thin brush strokes.  This is the "fake" part.
I can even "fix" problem add a loop to the "r"...
and adjust the weird "u".
Essentially giving you tons of leeway!

Then get a bigger size tip and fill in the lines.
Looks great right?!

Here's some tips I had to force on myself:

Keep letters's so hard for me! bottom or top looks so much cooler when the letters rise up and down...
Next, add some curls, and over-exaggerated lines!
Have a reference near.
I printed out this script font of all the letters:

Then you can look at it while you work.
Here's how I did it with Sharpie Markers!
Pencil first.

Then I used a big sharpie and traced my letters...
Sharpie's tend to bleed a little on the paper too...depending
on how porous the paper fibers are.

Used an eraser to remove the pencil lines...

Next, pick up a smaller Sharpie...and
draw on the thicker lines!

Fill them in...and voila!
It looks so much better!

You can also use paint!
First pencil, then Sharpie the image you want.

Place your paper over the top...see how I can still see the lines from the marker?

Then use a paintbrush and some metallic paint and paint the calligraphy!
The flat paintbrush naturally mimics the blunt nib of a calligraphy pen.

Perfect for Thanksgiving!

My favorite option is a Gold Pilot Marker!
You can write on any color of paper and it pops right off the page!
I am practicing on my mini envelopes!

Create custom envelopes for Christmas cards, wedding invitations,
or just to say hi!

People love a handwritten shows that
you took time out of your day!

And, if all else one of these FREE
 fabulous script calligraphy/cursive fonts!

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Check out this post on Brush Lettering!

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Jazzy said…
Thank you for sharing this post.. It's wonderful idea and I'm going to try them out.. :)
Felecia Cofield said…
Hi Natalie! You are so creative! Thank you so much for this post! I'm just now getting into brush calligraphy and these are some neat fonts you shared! Your handwriting is beautiful! No need for faking there! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!