The Nativity 3 Wisemen King Beards!

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 Wise King Beards--The 3 Wisemen
Or great for other aged costumes!
Like a wizard...make a Dumbledore or Gandalf beard!
Great for dwarves...or founding father's and
presidents like Abraham Lincoln!

 These are my 3 wisemen...well, 2 men...
 And we made the girl dress up too!
Haha, anything for some laughs!
 Every year for Christmas eve we act out the nativity story.
The kids wear capes, robes and capes.
 But I got thinking that some facial hair would make a great touch...
especially in church Primary nativity plays!'s what you will need:
1/4" elastic
White, brown, tan or black felt
hot glue/gun
 And you'll need this fab pattern.
Free for personal use only.
3 varying lengths of beards...just right click to save off and print
 on a sheet of paper.
 Cut out the pattern and pin it on to the felt.
If you are going to do all three...start with the longest.
Then move to the next length...
 cut the pattern again and do the shortest length.
 Now you'll need the elastic.
 Now measure enough elastic to go around the persons head then subtract 1 inch.
This way it will stretch and stay on.
I made all of mine 12 inches.
Then hot glue  the end of the elastic on the top edge of the beard.
 Now when placing the mustache you want to round it quite a bit.
This way it will fit over the mouth.
(put it on and play with it a little bit before gluing...)
Just barely hot glue the edges of the mustache onto the beard.
 Repeat as many times as you like!
 Great for a little king!
Or 3!

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Anonymous said…
The one with the brown beard looks like a jedi! huauhahuahuahuahua :D

But they're all cool! :)