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Peacock Feather Wreath!

 Peacock Feather Wreath!
 A sweet man in my area had a beautiful display in his truck for the trunk or treat last year.
He had gorgeous peacock feathers in bales of hay.
The feathers were from his own peacocks.
I asked him if there was any way I could buy some from him...
He said I should talk to his wife.  At the end of the night
 when everyone was cleaning up...he brought me a beautiful bouquet of the feathers...
and told me not to tell his wife!  :)
Haha, love it!
As usual, they sat for nearly a year!

 I got a wire wreath form...
some wire and the feathers and set to work!
I cut the floral wire to use as twist ties to hold the feathers in place.
 There wasn't really a method...just wrap and tie...
and repeat until it looked just how I wanted it to.
 Which took a pretty long time actually!
It looked like crap for a while.
 Most of the feathers are going around the wreath in a
clockwise fashion...some are going the other way.
It was just a balancing act to make it look full and eye catching!
Still have some feathers left over too!
 When finished...It just needed a bow!
 I picked a shiny champagne colored ribbon to match the sheen of the peacock feathers!
Perfect for Fall time decor!

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