Kawaii Candy Corn Jewelry!

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Kawaii Candy Corn Jewelry!
Perfect holiday accessories!
Great for wearing with a witch costume too!
Nearly nothing is as iconic for Autumn than Candy corn!

You just need:
Yellow, orange and white polymer clay
black, white and pink paint
earring hooks, jump rings, chain
 Start with a smooshed ball of yellow clay, stack
orange (slightly smaller) on top of yellow.
Top with a smaller triangle shaped piece of white.
Really press the pieces together so they don't pull apart.
 Use a hobby knife to cut the edges straight up to the white tip!
Round the edges.
 Take the hobby knife or blade and cut the front and backside off.
This will eliminate the rounded clay and
leave you with a smooth finished totally bonded candy corn!
 Stick an eye pin in the top of the white tip
and bake according to package directions.
(275* for 15 minutes)
 Next you'll need your paint and a stylus, pin head or paintbrush.
 2 black dots for eyes...
 2 pink dots for cheeks...
 Little curved smiles...in black
 Let them dry completely...then add a
Little white dot on top of black dot eyes...
 Use pliers to attach jump rings and earring hooks.
 Wear them in style!

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Super cute. Love the little smiley faces!
Unknown said…
These are the cutest things I've ever seen for someone to wear. It's appropriate for adults and children. I will be making several sets of these before Halloween. They are crazy awesome. Thank so much for this project.