Halloween Duck Tape® Bow with Fiskars® Scissors!

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I love scissors.
It's like my collection...and guess what...nearly all my scissors are Fiskars®!
 (all my favorite ones are)

My (12 year old) son is left handed and has always struggled with cutting.
I thought he was just bad at it because he's a boy.
I bought him a pair of Fiskars® Lefty scissors...and I tried to cut with them--right handed!
Yuck!   It looked like a impatient little boy cut it!
(I know, because I have an impatient little (6 year old) boy)
Okay, so lesson learned.
the RIGHT scissors make ALL the difference!

So, Fiskars® knows that too!
They've partnered with Duck® Tape to bring us scissors that are the
 BEST for cutting that sticky wonderful tape!
They sent me their 5" and 8" Duck® Edition scissors to try out!
And the scissors live up to their bold claim!
I love them!
No tape sticking to the scissors while working with it.
Clean, sharp cuts--again and again!

Look at this Duck Tape--it glows in the dark!

I wanted to make a big bow for Halloween--like
 this holiday mailbox bow I did a couple years ago!
The instructions are the same...so refer to the holiday bow for more details.
Start with 6 double sided strips of tape about 24 inches each.
Make a loop and use floral wire and twist it tight in place.
 Add a loop and twist tight with the wire...
add another loop, twist the wire...
 Add additional strips of double sided tape by just
 sticking them on with a piece of tape!
 Continue until there are 1 center loop, 4 top layer loops
 and 6 bigger bottom layer loops!
Add a piece of tape for the tails.
Wrap the wires up and back through the center of the
bow and then back down to the base.
Twisting securely.  This will keep the bow tight and crisp!
 Fluff the bow until it lays nicely.
Use the remaining wire to fasten it on to something fun!
A wreath, the mailbox, porch or garage lights!
Perfect Halloween touch!
These are the perfect bows for any occasion and holiday!
Great on top of a big basket or wrapped present too!

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mizdarlin said…
Thanks for posting this (from an old left-handed bat..) Parents, and anyone frustrated with helping a lefty, should know that the right tools make all the difference..I once taught a 6 year old left-hander how to write in about 5 minutes, by showing him..he couldn't do it at school, and everyone was in despair..shows how simple it can really be..
Eons ago, with my tax return, I went out and bought myself a set of left-handed Fiskars for sewing...that was thirty or more years ago, and they are still quite sharp..I love them!