Paint-a-Pillow and Giveaway!

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 is a BRAND NEW sister company to Cutting Edge Stencils!
You know I have a love for painting stencils on fabric right?
(here and here)
Now they offer the perfect kit for painting custom pillows!
Paint a Pillow sent me a pillow kit of my choice and some additional supplies!
I picked the Casablanca Stencil...after nearly an hour of trying to decide!
 I loved this Houndstooth one they showcased:
 I knew I wanted to use lots of colors on mine too!
But went with the Moroccan shapes instead...

It arrives perfectly packaged in a kit for about $45!
Your choice of soft canvas fabric: white or natural...
 Kit Includes:
Your stencil of choice...
Stenciling frame (pat.pend.)
Reusable pillow stencil
17”x17” Cotton pillow cover
Pillow insert: linen/down alternative
Mini roller and 1/2" stencil brush
Paint tray and stirring stick
Illustrated instructions
Free mini stencil and practice fabric swatch
One free fabric paint (additional paint is $3.95)
 The pillow was set up and ready to go in my frame!
But the full instructions and videos are here
 I ordered lots of paint colors because I couldn't commit to just one color!
The paint is high quality textile paint and dries soft and comfortable!
 I decided to use all the colors on one pillow.
So I just picked a color and randomly painted a few shapes!
 Dab straight up and down with a light amount of paint on the brush.
 And then switch colors!
(note: careful not to touch your brush into other colors while painting...I had 1 mishap!)
 Added a few black and ready to remove the stencil!
 Gorgeous!  It's so bright and fun!
 Let it dry overnight to be sure and stuff!
I love how bright and fun it turned out!
A perfect accent to my boring black!
Think of all the possibilities! 
There are tassels, studs and other fun accessories in the
 shop you can add to your pillows too!
 Find them on facebook too for lots of great inspiration!
I just had to do another pillow!
They sell the sewn pillow blanks, so you could make as many pillows as you want!
These would be so fun to do as a Young Women camp activity or Christmas gifts...
Or just to accent in the home!
This time I used just hot pink and the foam roller included in the kit!
Fill the roller with paint evenly and roll on the fabric!
It's so easy and really fast!
Just bend back the tabs to remove the stencil.
Cleans off easily in the tub--and the paint dries quickly!
Next I used some embroidery floss and a darning needle
to sew these cute suede tassels on the corners!
Just tied off inside should keep them fine for a few years!

Then it's ready to stuff the fluffy pillow insert inside!
So much fun and so much variety even with one stencil pattern!

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Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I would probably pick the chevron pattern paint-a-pillow kit.
Unknown said…
These are adorable! I love your color choice!
Unknown said…
I would pick the zigzak pattern paint-a-pillow kit :)
Xayide2 said…
I like the bright colors too. :)
hnnhflowers said…
Bermuda Breeze!
Pamela said…
Stephanie's Lace!
Amy O said…
I would pick Charlotte!
Jayme said…
I would pick the Butterfly Circle kit.
Anonymous said…
I'd probably go with the coral kit.
Gill said…
So hard to choose!!
Maybe Dandelion or Acacia!!
Unknown said…
I like the hand forged one, I LOVE damask, but it looks like it is not available for the fabric ones?
Unknown said…
oh duh, found the correct link! wild berry damask paint a pillow kit is amazing!
Unknown said…
I would love to make up the Anchors Away pillow kit for my son who graduated from VMI in May and will be going to Direct Commissioning School in January. Thank you for the chance to win!
Veronika said…
The poppy fields or chrysanthemum! They have so many fun designs!
Janie said…
I love this idea! I would paint the classic Julia pillow. Thank you so much for introducing them. Thanks for the chance.
Unknown said…
Very nice idea! I love the chevron one.
Kathy Davis said…
I would like to win the Classic Julia pattern.
Karen Propes said…
Really hard to choose but I love the LITTLE BIRDIE PILLOW STENCIL. This is a great idea. Thanks for the chance.
Karen Propes said…
Really hard to choose but I love the LITTLE BIRDIE PILLOW STENCIL. This is a great idea. Thanks for the chance.
Jennifer Emick said…
Peony is my favorite so far.
Hykel said…
I narrowed it down to 3....the Dahlia, the Fern or the Hedgehog. Seriously how did you decide?
Unknown said…
I would love the chevron pattern
Anonymous said…
Julia! But there are several that I like. It's ridiculously addicting!
Anonymous said…
Can I change my mind to Japanese Peonies? I have a peony "thing" -- they remind me of my Gramma, and I need that right now.
Unknown said…
So many choices, I really love the Athena, Diamond Damask, Magnoila, and also the Shipibo, I have to pick just one and I guess it would be the Shipibo! Love them all
karenm101 said…
I really love the wild berry damask pillow. Thanks for the chance to win one!
Unknown said…
I love the oasis and archery pillow kits. There are some great stencils!
Kathy E. said…
This is just the coolest idea! I love the thought of choosing a design and colors to decorate a pillow! I'd choose the Nagoya design to match my décor. Thanks!
I am still loving chevron. That would be my top choice.
Anonymous said…
There are so many to choose from! I like the butterflies in a circle. My daughter really liked the colors in the one you made for the post. :)
johnnyp said…
I like the fish scales print