Pop Top Tin Can Cookie Surprise! Just Because #givebakery

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 Tin Can Cookie Surprise!
 #givebakery is the perfect way to find great baked goodies for gifts.
Nothing funner than opening a pop top tin can to a pretty packaged stack of cookies!
 The perfect gift!
This would be great for teacher gifts, neighbors, or JUST BECAUSE!
 Okay, the trickiest part is the opening of the can.
You need to find a can with edges on the bottom of the pop top can
 that are just like a standard can...not the kind of can that has a rounded bottom.
I find canned FRUIT is the best option.
 Use a "Smooth Edge" can opener...so it removes the entire
 bottom of the can, without making sharp edges.

 Clean the can thoroughly...and dry it thoroughly.
Now, get some cellophane sleeves.
 Insert a stack of cookies (that will fit inside the can) and tie it off with twine.
Store bought cookies are super easy to give as gifts!
 Put the stack inside the can...upside down.
 Add some E6000 glue on the edge of the can bottom.
 Press it carefully on the bottom of the can.
 Put something heavy on it to keep it in place while it dries.
 Repeat...because you'll want a bunch to give out!
Now decorate!
Cut some paper to fit around the can.
 Tape it all in place.
 Add some circles on top for an additional touch!
 Now, printables!
right click to save off these labels...
 Print them out on cardstock...and cut them out.
 Wrap the cans with twine...this will also help keep the paper in place.
Use mounting foam to attach the labels.
 Perfect for One Smart Cookie!
 Not only super adorable, but such a fun surprise for the recipient!
 And you can't even tell the bottom of the can has been tampered with!
Just pop open the tab!
 And enjoy the cookie surprise!
Love it!
Rich Products is a bakery goods supplier that stock most grocery stores.

You wont find their name on any of the labels.
They are helping others to spread love!
Show people how much they mean to you by giving goodies!
Do you ever give store bought goodies in cute packaging?
Tag it with #GiveBakery so we can all see it!
Find them on pinterest for more darling ideas too!

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